•   2019

    Take-over by Kufner Holding Group from Munich

    Kufner Holding GmbH is planning extensive investments and other operative measures to achieve a leading market position in the existing business areas.

  •   2014

    Take-over by KLT

    KL Technologies Holding, an UK based company, acquires Bamberger Kaliko.

    Bamberger Kaliko Textile Finishing GmbH is established.

  • 2010

    Investments for a green future

    Completion and implementation of an energy efficiency concept.

    Reduction of carbon output and ressources required for

    • sludge recycling
    • thermal utilization
    • thermal accumulator
  • 2008

    Implementation of biological sewage water treamtent.

    Process water is recycled and brought back into production process.

  • 2006

    Expansion of our product range

    Bamberger Kaliko starts with abrasive backing cloth as a new business segment.

  • 2000

    Kaliko becomes an independent limited company

    Bamberger Kaliko splits away from Continental AG and becomes an independent limited company.

  • 1988

    New production site

    Moving to the new production site in Bamberg, Kramersfeld.

    At the same time we make major investments in environmental protection (solvent free production, biological sewage water treatment).

  • 1973

    Roller blind fabrics as a new product group

    Roller blind fabrics as a new business segment comes to life.

  • 1970

    Acquisition by Conti AG

    The Göppinger Kaliko acquires (under leadership of Continental AG Hannover) its competitor Bamberger Kaliko.

  • 1965

    Kaliko becomes a limited company

    Conversion into a limited company

  • 1960

    New Owner

    Venesta Ltd., London, buys Bamberger Kalikofabrik.

  • 1939

    2. World War

    Once more under German administration. Production almost comes to an end. After the War the company is returned to Winterbottom.

  • 1925


    Restitution with Winterbottom cover materials Company, Manchester as majority share holder.

  • 1914

    1. World War

    Continuation under German administration. Commercial registration as Bamberger Kalikofabrik AG.

  • 1892

    Acquisition by W. Rock

    William Rock from Liverpool, UK, takes over. The start of a new era under British ownership that will almost last for a hundred years.

  • 1863


    In 1863 Karl Wiecking establishes a plant for dye-works, bleaching and finishing.

    Chronik der Bamberger Kaliko "Rolle vorwärts", 1. Edition 1998, copyright Bamberger Kaliko GmbH