Natural cover material

Natural cloth in a distinct true to nature look made of half linen.

Processing possibilities:
foil stamping, embossing, offset printing (limited1), screen printing, die-cutting, grooving, creasing

1 We recommend tests in advance (e. g. to specify the ideal printing pressure, sufficient ink supply, drying behavior, etc.).

Cover material for books, agendas, corporate publishing, diaries, catalogues, luxury packaging (e. g. for jewelry, fragrance, liquor), displays, photo albums, ring binders, stationery, passe-partouts, slipcases, cardboard and fancy packaging, media packaging (DVD / CD, etc.),
hang tags, labels, etc.

Lino and Calicut are compliant with FSC-standard.

  • Production widths mm (inches):
        0328/008 2560 (100.8)
        0402/002 2000 (78.7)
        0405/010 2000 (78.7)
  • Standard widths mm (inches):
        0328/008 1280 (50.4)
        0402/002 1000 (39.4)
        0405/010 1000 (39.4)
  • Material:
        0328/008 CO
        0402/002 CO/LI
        0405/010 CO/LI
  • Thickness mm (inches):
        0328/008 ~ 0,30 (0.012)
        0402/002 ~ 0,42 (0.016)
        0405/010 ~ 0,42 (0.016)
  • Weight (g/m2):
        0328/008 ~ 160
        0402/002 ~ 260
        0405/010 ~ 260
  • Lining paper (g/m2): 35
Request a sample

We should like to point out that natural yarns such as cotton and linen are never perfectly flawless, nor are the greige cloths that are made from them. For us, these slight variations reflect the special character and beauty of a natural product. We attempt to reduce cloth variations as much as possible during the conversion to finished product, but the pictures on this page can only give a more general impression of the colours and textures. We will be pleased to send you current cloth samples of any particular item upon request.

If requested, we will be pleased to send you sample material. Special colours on request. All technical details are average values. Please allow tolerances up to +/-20 mm (0.8")!
Note: The illustrations may differ from the original samples.