SCREEN PROTECT FR – it’s a winner!

Here comes the next addition to our roller blind fabric assortment: SCREEN PROTECT FR – the ideal solution for all windows that are exposed to a lot of direct sunlight. The low openness-factor creates a pleasantly diffuse light and avoids disturbing reflection and glaring on computer screens. At the same time SCREEN PROTECT FR allows a permanent line of sight to the outside and steady contact to the environment.

The use of sophisticated yarns and a dense weave create a fine shimmer and an attractive look. The modern and pleasantly calm color range make it a perfect fit for every surrounding.

SCREEN PROTECT FR is a flame retardant fabric made of 100% polyester. With its width of 260cm the article also offers a good solution for the use in contract business and furthermore is a price attractive, efficient and timeless form of interior sun protection.

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The brand new sun protection assortment COORDINATES opens up an unlimited number of awesome combinations.

Fabrics for day and night - the new tones of our blackout best seller STUDIO BO and our translucent PREMIUM are perfectly coordinated so that they can be used in almost any room of the house.

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STUDIO BO - new trend colours

Marvelous colour additions for our best-selling blackout fabric STUDIO BO - available as of now.

The new STUDIO BO colours meet the up-to-date aesthetics: timeless - sustainable - elemental. They add up in a pretty neutral palette with wonderful shades, referring to Pantone trend colour "ultimate gray".

Studio BO is a versatile and reliable roller and vertical fabric with a perfectly color coordinated back.

For more details please click here:
STUDIO BO. And to see the brand new coordinated PREMIUM colours please click here: COORDINATES



The brand new blackout fabric - did shadow ever look better before?

BOLERO BO is a lightly texturized blackout fabric with a catchy scandinavian look.

The awesome texture runs in warp direction thus is absolutely straight and even. The 3-layer foam coating with the white back delivers a reliable blackout effect and also high reflection grades. The fabric is made of 100% polyester, which enables BOLERO BO for environments with high moisture and due to the width of 2400mm BOLERO BO is also qualified for large window sizes. A coordinated translucent version with identical colour range is also available, it´s called BOLERO.

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We are now on INSTAGRAM

Bamberger Kaliko is now represented in the social network on INSTAGRAM!

At regular intervalls we will present application samples based on our beautiful products and inform you about novelties, our production capabilities and of course our company - you can be curious…

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NATURALS is a collection of natural commodities like linen that represent nativeness as well as imperfectness. It unifies established cover materials like “Lino”, “Calicut” and “Canoso” with the brand new “Vintage”.

The name says it all – “Lino” is made of natural linen blend.
Calicut” represents the character of natural and unbleached cotton.
“Canoso” is based on pure cotton, “Vintage” is made of a robust blend of fabrics.

“Canoso” with its light coating is available in universal colour tones such as „0262/602 rhino“, „0262/625 penguin“ and a matt black „0262/626 raven“.

With two charming tones „0403/100 marmor“ and „0403/200 dolomit“ and an additional effect in warp direction „Vintage“ offers a number of extra applications.

More information about our revised range: NATURALS

The best Record® of all times!

From good to better - by using this approach we have achieved a more durable and scratch-resistant surface for our popular cover material Record® without changing the fancy fabric appearance. The new Record® is a lot more robust and offers new colours that perfectly support the distinct look.

Four brand new shades –an elegant dark red “bordeaux" (ref.-no. 0254-309), an universal mid-grey “granit” (ref.-no. 0254-304), a warm grey-brown “mooreiche” (ref.-no. 0254-307) plus a deep natural green “regenwald” (ref.-no. 0254-308) are a perfect addition to the attractive and expressive article range.

The improved Record® offers new fields of application. It is a perfect cover material for books, agendas, corporate publishing, diaries, catalogues, luxury packaging (e. g. for jewelry, fragrance, liquor), displays, menu cards, photo albums, ring binders, stationery, passe-partouts, slipcases, cardboard and fancy packaging, media packaging (DVD / CD, etc.), hang tags, game boards, labels, etc.
The bright golden colour “Chromo gold” is the highlight of our top-quality coated cover material Chromo, with a striking metallic effect and a resistant surface. This bright golden fabric stands for high-quality and is suitable as cover material for luxury packaging, menu cards, corporate publishing, photo albums, stationery, books, etc.

More information about our new Record® range: Record®

A golden glow - the Roaring Twenties

The new Twenties have arrived – self-confident, stylish and full of energy. By introducing two brand-new, elegant gold tones “Chromo gold” and “Colibri golden amber” we want to capture the euphoric mood of the new decade!

The bright golden colour “Chromo gold” is the highlight of our top-quality coated cover material Chromo, with a striking metallic effect and a resistant surface. This bright golden fabric stands for high-quality and is suitable as cover material for luxury packaging, menu cards, corporate publishing, photo albums, stationery, books, etc.

“Colibri golden amber” – the name keeps its promise. This unique cover material is shimmering in a beautiful golden amber. This effect is achieved by a lively interaction of two shades in warp and weft. The elegant sheen gives a glamourous charm for luxury packaging, corporate publishing, stationery,…

More information about our new gold tones: Colibri and Chromo

Iris® Plus completely FSC™-certified

Following the takeover by Kufner Group a new spirit is arising at Bamberger Kaliko Textile Finishing GmbH.
The rayon and the lining paper we use for our cover materials Iris® Plus are both FSC™-certified and back up our commitment for sustainability. Our new product addition Iris® Plus (ref.-no. 0102) is now available in 14 attractive shades. The brand new colour feuerrot (ref.-no. 890) stands out by its radiant power. It is complemented by the well-established shades, such as anthrazit, grau, nachtblau, graubraun, rosenrot as well as the trendy accent colour ockergelb.
More information and sample material.

Beautiful and safe: Studio BO FR

Training center at Dublin university in Ireland: interiour roller blinds with our bestseller product Studio BO FR weiss (0018-001) from Bamberger Kaliko Textile Finishing GmbH. The fabric stands out throught its perfect hanging behaviour, excellent blackout property and a very attractive price. Besides it harmonises perfectly with the interior of the building.

Bookbinders Design

Bookbinders Design is a Swedish company that designs and sells unique products of excellent quality in their concept stores around the world. They specialize in quality-handcrafted products with Scandinavian design in a range of natural materials. Their notebooks, photo albums, diaries and boxes are characterised by a wide spectrum of materials, shapes and colors. Bookbinders Designs high quality products make life memorable for You and for future generations.

Bookbinders Design can also offer embossing on products. Choose between typesetting, initials, monogram or an own logo.


Compte International Business –
The New Agency for fabrics for packaging and bookbinding in Spain

By cooperating with Compte International Business, located in Barcelona, Bamberger Kaliko Textile Finishing GmbH is strengthening their presence in Spain and stabilizing their position as Germany’s largest exporting company for cover materials at the same time.

Compte International Business is a leading distributor of packaging & bookbinding materials serving the associated industries in Spain and close-by countries for over 30 years. Their large inventory of materials includes a wide variety of cover materials, papers, glues, etc. Compte International Business is recognized as a premier supplier. Based in Barcelona they can guarantee short-term delivery throughout Spain.

Effective immediately, Compte International Business will distribute fabrics for packaging and bookbinding from Bamberger Kaliko in Spain.

Compte International Business
Calle Caballero, 79
08014 Barcelona
Phone: + 34 934448835

New basic item Bolero

Bolero - a lightly texturized and translucent fabric with a catchy look that gives it a unique and timeless presence. Effect runs in warp direction thus absolute straight in line. Bolero can be used for roller and vertical blinds as well as for panel tracks.

Design pool for digital prints

"Digi" - several sequences of trendy designs open up opportunities to grade up approved roller blind fabrics with fashionable styles. Digital prints can be arranged on "Premium" for translucent base material or on "Premium BO" and "Studio BO" for blackouts. The prints are made with high-class water based latex inks. They are environmental friendly, they have an outstanding light fastness level (6-7 according to DIN EN ISO 105-B02) and the prints are free of smell. Minimum order quantity is one roll per design which allows to add many designs to your catalogue without adding a lot of material into your stock.

Minimalistically beautiful: Studio Melange FR

It´s all you need - the new roller and vertical blind fabric Studio Melange FR stands out by its vivid surface in conjunction with the colour coordinated dimout foam back. Studio Melange FR has low transmission values (ideal for project business), it is flame retardant according to German standard DIN EN 4102 B1 and is - due to the width of 2700 mm - most suitable for large window dimensions.

New trendy book binding fabrics

With 5 brand new and up-to-date colors our book binding items "Iris®" and "Duo®" capture the spirit.
Iris® “anthracite” is a strong and expressive tone which can be used in many ways. Other soft and gentle pastels like “powder”, “glacier grey” and “sand grey” set a trend to meet new color expectations from the markets. The fifth Iris®-novelty is a refreshing but discreet “apple green” which perfectly fits in this new set of tones.
The new “Duo®” colors add a new aspect to the existing program. As painted by nature: “oat”, “limestone”, “chalk”, “poppy seed” and “jeans blue” are the decent but strong color combinations. They offer various possibilities for combination and design during further process steps. Both items are laminated with FSC-approved paper on the back which guarantees perfect adhesion. All book binding fabrics are manufactured environmental friendly in Bamberg.

Safe at work - safe at home

Studio FR is a new base fabric for rollers and verticals, flame retardant according to DIN 4102 B1. Its price-performance ratio is unique. Due to the low transmission values (ligth and solar) Studio FR is most suitable to be used in offices with work stations and for project business. Extra wide (2700 mm) allow large-sized blinds. Studio FR is available from stock in 11 colours.

Panama: Good to great

Panama - an all-round roller blind fabric in traditional but distinct and genuine Panama-weave. Brilliant colours by high-quality pigments. Wonderful look and make, durable and robust which emphasises the striking look. Both Panama fabrics - translucent and blackout - are manufactured carefully without solvents, PVC and lead.

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Style Perl Pleated

Style Perl Plissee is a trendy fabric with thin irregular stripe effects. A pearl coating on the back efficiently reflects the sun to ensure pleasant room temperatures even in summer. Style Perl is translucent but not transparent, therefore guarantees privacy when needed. Style Perl Plissee is available in five precious colours.

Skylight BO

Skylight BO – especially designed for cassette systems and skylights. Manufactured on basis leading technologies, designed for highest demands. Extremely thin, but still 100% blackout. Skylight BO ist temperature resistant from –20°C up tp +90°C. The smoothness allows minimal rolling diameter necessary in small cassettes. Skylight BO is very energy sufficient due to its reflective white foam back which helps to avoid summer heat as well as arctic cold. Available in 14 fashionable colours for a harmonic ambience.